Friday, February 23, 2018

Making Rafters for New Roof on Church

   The rafters are made in 2 sections.  They will be bolted together when they arrive on the jobsite.

     The rafters are receiving a coat of primer.

Haiti Conference 2018

Our leaders: Rev. Jacob Martin - President of God's Missionay Church USA, Rev. Gerald Dujour - President God's Missionary Church Haiti, and Rev. Wilmer Paulus - President of World Mission GMC Conference.

     One of our pastor meetings.  Rev. Jacob Martin delivering the message with Cherlene our interpreter.

     Our GMC pastors that were present for the Haiti Conference.

Death of Friend

    My dear friend and brother in Christ died in the month of January 2018.  This is Franor Desire.

Renovation Orphanage

    A part of the renovation was to install ceramic floors to the entire living quarters of the orphanage.  It was a big job.  The floors were much unleveled. There were high areas that had to be broken up by sledge hammer and there were many low areas that needed to be filled in.

    The ceramic tiles made a great improvement to the rooms.  We are grouting in the tiles and cleaning them.

     This is the first room that you enter.  The spiral staircase goes to the missionary quarters on the second level.

Orphanage Renovation

    A new pedestal sink for the bathroom.

          A second bathroom at the orphanage.

         The new ceramic tiles will be much easier to keep clean.  It is quite an improvement to have bathrooms that sparkle.

A Cage for New Truck

      The boys are working on a cage for the back of a pickup truck.  We close the back of our trucks in Haiti for protection.

A Visit to a Country Church

    A friend wanted me to visit his country church.  It was quite a drive.  We traveled on a very rocky road after leaving the highway.  We traveled about 30 minutes and had to drive slowly to keep the truck from hitting on the rocks that were sticking up in the air.  We then had a 45 minute walk to the church.

     There was an evening revival service while visiting the church.  The children were all gathered to the front of the church.

New Bathroom for Orphanage

   Hope International Mission has a orphanage in Haiti.  They are doing much renovation at their orphanage.

Pumpkin Soup

    This is Madanm Dominique.  She is like a daughter to me.  Pumpkin soup is served on January 1st.  It is a Haitian tradition.

New Addition to Our Family

    Elichama is another addition to our family.  These children are like grandchildren to me.  Their fathers have lived with me for several years before getting married.

Minal and Ketsia's Wedding

     Minal has been my right hand man for many years.  He has been with me for over 12 years.  My wish is for he and his wife to have a most blessed home.

New York Pilgrim Pastor Conference December 2017

                            I was invited to attend the New York Pilgrim's Pastors Conference.  It is a privilege to fellowship with such a fine group of pastors.

A Trip to Acadien

      A picture of one of our newest members.  This little one is full of smiles.

            These little boys came to see the white man. They like for me to run after them and play. The church yard is always full of children.

       While we were visiting the Acadien Church there were various repairs.  Samuel is welding hinges on the metal doors and painting where there is light rust.