Saturday, August 31, 2013

Helping the Flowers on their New Home

Danicien enlarging the window openings.

Minal and several of the boys made the ironwork for the windows.

Putting up the drywall.

The drywall ceiling is installed.

The interior walls are in place.

The Children Come to Visit

      Many of the children consider me as their grandfather.  The 2 small children are John's children.  John died several months after the earthquake in 2010.  His children enjoy spending the day with me.

Abby Flowers helps Alissa ride a bicycle

Alissa will be 4 on September 2nd

Alfonse is teaching Dolph to ride his bike.  They spend the entire day in the yard.

A large plate of rice is served to these hard playing youngsters.

An Invitation to a Convention

      I was recently invited to preach at a annual convention in a remote community.  A former Bible School student has invited me to participate at their convention for several years but there was always something that came up that I couldn't go.  This year I didn't allow anything to disrupt our plans.  It was several days filled with activities. 

     Three new converts were baptized during the convention.  The river was almost dried up but the people made a water hole to celebrate the baptism.

    There were 2 children dedicated to the Lord.  Pray for these families as they raise their children for Jesus.