Friday, January 13, 2017

Two Special Visitors

    These 2 special little girls brightened up my afternoon.  The girls came by the jobsite at the end of the day.  They were passing through to go to their house.  The one with the big smile came to me and said "hello white man."  I said hello to the girls and asked them where they had been.  The girls said they came from practice for the Christmas program.  I asked them what part they had in the program.  They told me they were going to sing and I asked them if the could sing for me.  They acted a little bashful at first and then they looked at one another and began to sing.  They sang not only one song but several.  They sang loudly and I was humored. 

Progress on Minal's House

      Setting the tresses for the roof.

   Putting on the roof purlins.

      Installing the ridge cap and putting on the finishing touches to the roof.

   Roof job finished.

Christmas 2016

     Christmas is an exciting time at my house.  We had Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, and a pasta salad.  There were also lots of cookies and desserts.
    The Dalla family was with us to help us celebrate.

    Danicien helping to serve the meal.

     Several kinds of cookies: oatmeal, chocolate chip, peanut butter kiss, sugar, lemon bars, and pumpkin roll.

       Each of the boys had a gift bag.  There were several shirts for them, cologne, socks, underclothes, candies, and other miscellaneous items.


   Ybene is passing out the presents.  Alfonse loves getting presents.

The School Project

     Finishing the gables to the school.

     The rough coat of stucco before the smooth coat.

     The school building (4 classrooms)

A Tile Job and a Steel Gate

    A shower stall.

   Ceramic tiles to enclose around a bathtub.

 A steel gate at the entrance of the property.