Friday, February 26, 2016

Sonson's Wedding Day

  These are a few of Sonson and Guerlene's wedding pictures.

Sonson Preparing to Marry

   Chuck and Caleb Salyards help Sonson.  They are going to install a door for Sonson.

     Caleb is mounting the door.

    Sonson and Guerlene

     We had some used tin for his roof.

A Roof Project

     Heide McIntyre needed a new roof on her house.  The boys removed the old tin and replaced it with new and also put insulation under the tin.

    The insulation helps to keep the house cooler.

    The new tin.

    Finishing up the roof.



      The noon meal at conference.  The Haitian meal is rice and beans.  There is also fried chicken and salad.

The pastors with their certificates.

God's Missionary Church - Pastor Conference

     Our God's Missionary Church held its Haiti Conference in January.  Our stateside Mission President, Rev. Wilmer Paulus came to host the conference.  He invited Rev. Butch Heath to be our guest speaker. 
Each of our churches was represented.  There were seminars planned throughout the 2 days of conference.  Some came a day early and we had an evening service before conference. 

   Brother Heath came well prepared and was challenged by many questions.   I was the interpreter for the sessions

New York Pilgrim Church - Conference

   In December I had the privilege to be a guest speaker at the New York Pilgrim Church Conference in Haiti.  I enjoyed the conference and being with a wonderful group of men.

Brother Clovice

This is Brother Clovice.  He sharpens knives, machetes, and whatever.