Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flag Day - May 18th

May 18 is Flag Day here in Haiti. As I was driving down the road I saw very few flags. The only area where there were lots of flags displayed was at the National Palace.

Growth in our Fond Lozier church

At the Fond Lozier outstation church we had a nice communion service and baby dedication on Sunday. There were at least 10 brethren who participated in communion. I then dedicated Yanette to the church.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Two special visitors

These 2 little boys wanted to come and visit me. They had their mothers bring them to spend the afternoon. I left my work aside and began to play with them. First it was playing with a soccer ball and then we got into playing with building blocks. They are quite creative. All went well until it was getting late in the afternoon and they were concerned if their mothers were going to come and pick them up. I enjoyed having them visit with me.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

School students

These are students at Demichel. Pictured is a preschool class and a 5th grade class.. There are 6 grades and approximately 100 students gathered in 3 rooms. There are no individual school desks, there are no windows and no air conditioning, there is no concrete floor, many of them don't have books, notebooks and pencils are luxuries, but the children are eager to learn and there are no complaints. Government schools in Haiti are overcrowded and few so the majority of the children need to go to a privite school. It is expensive for the parents to send their children to school which results in many of them staying at home. God's Missionary Church has been providing quality education for many underprivilidged children for years. Although it requires financing from the churches back home it is important that we help these children get a good christian education. It is an opportunity to share the gospel with the children and help them to grow spiritually for many are not taught in the home. We appreciate your prayers for this ministry.