Monday, October 17, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

The winds leveled many homes.

     Trees were uprooted, crops were destroyed, gardens were flooded,  and many lives were lost.  There is now the danger of cholera and other diseases related to a storm of this caliber.

Two New Additions to Our Family


    One of my boys was married last October and he now is the proud father of this little gentleman.

     This newborn baby was born during the hurricane.  His mother was in labor during the storm and they went to several hospitals until they got help.  The mother was having complications.  She delivered twins but the baby girl didn't survive.

Look at the Size of this Critter

    This is a centipede and it was the size of a hot dog.  You can see that a part of it was cut off.

The Bee Sting

     This little boys was working the garden and ran into a wasp nest.  His face is swelled and his eyes are almost closed.

Graduates from the License Program

    These two young men have finished the license course at our Bible School.  Lucien Payoute and Jean Robert Calixte have been with the God's Missionary Church since they were children.  We are so proud of them.  They are recognized with the government and are able to legally sign documents for the church.

The Walls are Going Up on the Belle Vie School

    The blocks are being laid for the school rooms.

    The rooms are divided.

    The walls are laid up.

    A second bond beam is poured at the top.

Making Blocks One at a Time

    The boys are making blocks. 

    The blocks are placed on a level floor in order they keep their shape.