Thursday, July 20, 2017

Final Touches to the School Project


    The finished classrooms.

    The school office.

Bible School Graduates


   There were 18 graduates in our 3 year program.

     One of our graduates from our license program.

     Our graduates from our license program.

   Brother and Sister Gibson.  Brother Gibson was the sponsor for the graduating class and also guest speaker.

Progress to the Mission House in Grande Riviere (HIM)

                                              Before and After of the Mission House

     A TLC Team of young people came to help with the project.  It was a pleasure to work with them.

More Progress on the School

   Getting much closer to finishing the project.

A New Roof on the Clinic at La Croix

    The clinic roof was in need of repair.

     The new roof.

New York Pilgrim Conference in Haiti

   Sunday morning following the conference.

    Brother Kenneth Sickler and Brother John Peabody with the leadership team. 

Wall Repair

   The wall around the property was never finished.  A coat of plaster is being applied.

   Plastering the wall.