Saturday, April 25, 2015

Truck Update

    Although it doesn't look like it, there is progress being made on the truck.  They are getting it back into shape.  The front corner post and the front door have been straightened and are back to their original forms.  The shops don't have all the tools we have back home to do body work and it will take much more time to get the job done.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Unexpected

       The unexpected happened the other week.  The truck had just descended a mountainous road that was very long.  Upon arriving on the road at the foot of the mountain and traveling on the flat the brakes failed.  We are so grateful that we plunged into the rear of a dump truck loaded with sand.  There was no damage to the dump truck and there were no personal injuries.  There is much to be repaired and parts to replace.  We will be without a vehicle for a while so do keep us in prayer.

There was damage to the front right corner of the truck.  The front door was buckled, the dash was dismounted, and the brake and clutch pedal were turned downwards to the floor.

Another Bible Student's House

     Alfonse is helping with the footer.

                          The rocks are being laid for the foundation.

      There are spaces for reinforced steel and concrete columns on the corners and also several in the walls.

Helping a Bible School Student with his house


     This is a side view of the second story apartment for Escotte.  The window protection was recently installed and the roof was finished.

 This is a picture of one of the rooms that were plastered.  The window boxes still need to be finished.

                                                                   A view of the ceiling.