Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Large Project on Loganave

Welding the tresses.

Replacing the blade on the band saw and cutting the metal for the tresses.

                                            More welding.

The tresses painted and ready to be put up.

The block work in progress.

Forming the columns and the bond bean to be poured.

Building Tresses in the Garage

The boys are working late.  They are making tresses.  One is cutting material, one is welding, and the other is grinding.

Working on a Damaged Church

The Des Champs Church suffered damages from the 2010 earthquake and also wind damage.  We were asked to repair the church for the New York Pilgrims.

New metal tresses were constructed and were welded to steel rods to anchor the roof to the foundation


The church with a beautiful new white metal roof

A view from the inside

All cracks were patches and the building was tied together with a continual concrete reinforced bond beam.  The gable ends were then rebuilt and the building plastered.

A Growing Family

Jean Robert, his wife and children

Thelisma, his wife and children

These 2 men have been with me since I first came to Haiti.  They are married now and have children of their own. 

Benches for our Thiote Church

Minal (pictured below holding onto the bench) made benches for the Thiote Church.