Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Repairs to the Leogane Church and Property

          A steel cover to conceal the valves for the water line.

      One of the gates on the property that was repaired.  Rusted sections were cut out of it and new track and rollers installed.

   New steel reinforced concrete posts were placed on the corners and at each side of the doorway.

      Thieves have removed sections of our chain link fence that surrounds the property.  There have been two occasions where they came and removed sections of fencing.

        The tresses are being made for the roof.  They will be painted before they are installed.

      The tresses are stacked in half sections along the wall in the garage.

Making Futons

          The metal frame.

      The painted frame with drawers

        The futon opened as a bed.  The cushions are not yet covered.

     The cushions are covered.  There are still some finishing touches to be made.

Rain Gutters

        The rain gutters were made for a school building.

                  Samuel installing the gutters.

    The building is large.