Thursday, March 31, 2016

Progress on Minal's House

     The boys have been busy helping their fellow brother.  Minal has wanted to work on his house but hasn't had the opportunity to do so.  This week we all chipped in an lent him a hand to advance the building of his house. Five courses of block have been laid and now we are pouring a reinforced concrete bond beam.  We will then continue to lay the remainder of the block.

     The boys are mixing the concrete on the ground for the bond beam.  The younger boy and Minal's girlfriend are carrying buckets of water for the concrete.

Sisters Cathy Brubaker, Francis Stettler, and Julie Witmer

    While Reuben Brubaker and Aaron Witmer were working on projects Julie Witmer had the meals to prepare.  There were at least 12 persons to feed every meal. 

    Sister Francis Stettler came to work in the Bible School.  She worked an entire week in the Bible School, including Saturday.  Sister Cathy Brubaker interpreted for Francis.  The students felt they received more in one week than what they normally receive in a semester.

The Guest House Porch Project

    Reuben Brubaker and Aaron Witmer came to do another project.
    This years project was to close in the porch to the guest house.  It allowed much sunlight and heat to enter into the house.

     The porch is completely closed in with iron bars for security reasons.

    The bars are all up and painted.  The roof is being put on.

The project is coming to completion.  The roof is installed and the final painting is being done.

Glass Cover for Solar Hot Water Heater

    Reuben Brubaker and Aaron Witmer took on the project of a Solar Hot Water Heater in 2015.  We were not able to find a good cover for it until they ordered one from the glass company here in Haiti this year.  The men are lifting the panels to the roof.

    The men are preparing the panels to place over the hot water heater.

Another Major Repair

Sonson and His Wife on His Wedding Day - Our Guests and Myself

     The young men that I mentor are grown up.  Sonson is a mason and works in construction. He had been dating for more than 6 years and they set the date for a wedding.

Preparing for Sunday

     This is Alfonse.  He is my youngest boy.  He likes to shine our shoes.  It is a big project at our house.  He wanted to shine the shoes for our guests too.  They gave him a tip and he became one happy young man.

Batteries Replaces

    Electricity is a big problem here in Haiti.  We only receive several hours of electricity a day.  The mission has a battery backup system that takes care of lighting and small appliances.  The batteries need to be replaces every 3-4 years.  Thanks to those whom contributed to replacing the batteries.  Thanks to Blue Knob GMC for making sure there was no delay in buying the batteries.

The Blue Knob Team at the Hydorelectric Dam

   The God's Missionary Church of Blue Knob comes each year to encourage the brethren and helps with projects.  This year the team was able to visit a few sites in Haiti.  The team is at Peligre.  Peligre is where our electricity comes from.  It is where our hydroelectric power plant is.