Thursday, March 14, 2013

Leogane Church Earthquake Damage

This is a picture of the Leogan Church after the earthquake.  The wall has not yet been repaired.

Leogane Church

This is our Leogane Church today.  The back wall of the church still needs to be repaired.  The rafters also need to be replaced because of termites.
You can see that we are using blue tarps to close the opening at the back of the church.

Friends in the Dominican Republic

I was invited to a delicious meal
while in the Dominican Republic.
A group of brethren from the Sabana Perdida Church that came to the special services with Brother J. Steven Manley as speaker.

Damages to Wall at Carrefour

 The damaged wall at Carrefour.  There was garbage piled up along the wall and on the street in front of our house.  The city came with a front end loader and pushed into the garbage and knocked the wall over. 
This is Minal, the young man that we helped through welding school.  He made the new gate for us.  This will be installed when we construct the new wall. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lending a Helping Hand

Welding the metal rafters and placing them to prepare for the metal sheeting.  The mission home for Brother Dan Flowers (Hope International Mission) at Grande Riviere du Nord.


Sister Stettler and Sister Brubaker

Sister Stettler is presenting the lesson and Sister Brubaker
 is interpreting for her. 

Sister Brubaker and Sister Stettler teaching a course on preparing Sunday School lessons

 Rueben Brubaker leads a work team to lay ceramic tiles in the Carrefour Church. 

2012 Year End Special Services

During the last week of December 2012 we held a week of special services at our Acadien Church.  The Christians were incouraged and challenged by the messages.