Friday, April 29, 2016

Truck Repair

  There was a piece of metal that broke off from one of the valves and cause damage to the head.
   The knuckle that hold the front axle and wheel broke and cause the wheel to come loose.  The parts are very expensive.  I spent 2 days in the sun until we were able to get all the parts for the wheel.  Thankfully we are up and going again.

Tree Trimming

     The branches of our trees were sagging over our neighbor's houses.  They wanted them cut down because they were worried that the branches would fall onto their houses.
      We had other branches that were on the power line too. 

     With machetes, ropes, and a ladder the work was accomplished.

Richelet's Birthday

    Richelet is a first year student in our Bible School.

    We wanted to do something for Richelet on his birthday.  The class celebrated by singing and having refreshments.

   These are 1st year students.


  The boys with Aaron and Julie Witmer, and myself

       The boys with Aaron and Julie Witmer, and Reuben Brubaker

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another Accident at Our Carrefour Compound

   I was disappointed to come home to a portion of our wall destroyed.  The owner of the vehicle was leaving the bank across the street when he plowed through our wall.  We have his name, telephone number, and license plate number but he won't take care of the damages.  Please pray that he would make this right.

Progress on Minal's House

    The work is coming along.  Little by little we can get done.