Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lined up for water

There is still many who need water. The city doesn't provide water everyday. There are times the city doesn't supply water for 4 to 5 days. More and more people come to get water at our mission compound. We still supply thousands of gallons of water daily.

Unidentified object

Dr. Todd Taylor and Dr. John Gehman are looking at an object that was retrieved from a little girls nose. The mother said she couldn't breathe because there was an object up her nose. Dr. Taylor began pulling the object out and it was several inches long and looked like an earthworm. It is curled up as he is holding it with tweasers.

A big thank you

This man is a neighbor at our compound in Leogane. He was injured when his house fell on him at the time of the earthquake. He had a head injury and he could not walk. We went to his home to take care of him. There is a picture of Vanessa Thompson dressing his wounds in the January blog. The article was labeled (Vanessa treats a head wound).
The man came to visit us and to thank us for the help that he received. We were so happy to see him doing so well.

Off to the mobile clinic

We are off to the mobile clinic at Leogane. Seven of the nine team members are in the back of the truck.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hannah McDowell examines this expecting mother

Hannah lets this young mother know that her baby is doing fine.

Gina Blocker has a very delicate job to do

Gina needs to work on this man's eye.

Beautiful smile

Lori King and Diane Kauffman at the outdoor moblie clinic. Hard to believe they have been working long hours and can have such beautiful smiles.

Dr. Todd Taylor takes this lady's blood pressure

This is only one of the many patients that Dr. Taylor saw at the mobile clinic. Dr. Taylor gives each patient special care.

Dr. John Gehamn consulting a patient

Dr. John Gehman is consulting a patient at one or our mobile clinics.

The kitchen crew

The kitchen crew is dreaming something up for supper. We are going to prepare our version of pizza.

Jeffrey McDowell works in the mobile clinic pharmacy

Jeffrey has been busy doing various jobs. Here he is working in the pharmacy.

We're not to sure about these white doctors

One is curious and the other seems to be scared.

Monday, February 22, 2010

And the tombs were opened

We drove past a graveyard in the city of Petionville and noticed that even the graves were opened durning the earthquake. The concrete was shattered and the caskets were outside the tombs.

A group picture

The team posed for a group picture at a park in front of the Royal Haitian Hotel. Dr. Todd Taylor, Diane Kauffman, Gina Blocker, Lori King, Jeffrey McDowell, Hannah McDowell, and Dr. John Gehman go for an afternoon stroll.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A new team to finish the month of February

A new team came by bus again today. This team will be here to finish up the month of February. They too had a long trip. We are at the bus station waiting on another member of the team. He came on the following bus with the remainder of the luggage.

The team waiting for the bus

We arrived early for the bus. They wanted to be sure to get the first bus back to the Dominican Republic. Nice smiles for 5 a.m.

A crippled lady visits us

This crippled crawled up to the door of the mobile clinic. I told her to go on and make her way to one of the doctors. Dr. David received her openly. She crawls everywhere on the ground. She was so happy for the attention. I know the lady and she always comes around when I am in the area.

The moblie clinic

There is a high demand for mobile clinics. The team left after eating the noon meal for another wild adventure. The road reminded one of a motorcross race track and we went to a neighborhood of less fortunate people. There were no complaints for the team was eager to help these needy people.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Robbie and Tamara evaluate this tiny baby

This is a tough case for the doctors. The baby was born the day of the earthquake. She was a twin. The other baby died and she is very ill and very tiny. I trust there is something we can do to save this little one.

An emergency

The team was called out of the clinic into the yard when a lady had fallen unconscious. They were able to revive the lady and she was then moved inside for observation.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The girls are in the pharmacy

Tamara, Diane, and Patti are in the pharmacy.

Robbie examines a patient

Robbie is hard a work this morning. There are many patientes to be seen. It seems there are more here than when we started this morning.
The word must be out that they will be attended.

Tamara checks this tiny baby

Tamara has an advantage. She is able to understand the language and can communicate with the patients without an interpreter. She loves her work and the people.

Wendy with a patient

Wendy has had a very busy 1st day of clinic. There were many lined up to see the doctors today. One of the busiest days that we've had.

David with intrepreter Jean Robert

David explains to Jean Robert how the medicine should be taken.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The team brings many needed supplies

The team had many suitcases filled with food and medical supplies. I am very thankful for the supplies. It is quite a privilege to have the doctors, nurses, medical assistants, medical personel, and labourers come to assist us in this time of crisis. God supplies the persons for the need.

The team arrives by bus

The new team came on the bus this afternoon. I didn't know who was coming and I wasn't sure that I would recognize anyone. I don't know their names so I will identify them later in the blog.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Going Home

The team went to the bus station early this morning to get a bus to the Dominican Republic. They will then get a flight home. They are a very gifted group and God used them to help those in need this past week. We miss you Jennifer Moyer, Janice Springman, Dr. Dan McKinley, Brenda Habecker, and Jonathan Springer. I am standing in the picture (2nd from the right).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Valentines Baby takes his first breath

The team was distracted this morning by an expecting mother. She was in labour. Breakfast was ready but it would have to wait. Church was in session and there were a few medical workers that would be absent from the services. Our little buddy was born this Valentines Day morning. Baby boy and mother are doing fine. This was a special moment for the medical team. All of them took the opportunity to hold this precious little fellow in their arms.

The Docs and the Valentines Day boy

A new baby boy makes these men happy this morning.

Our Valentines Day Baby

Here are two happy sweethearts. They were there to help deliver this bouncing baby boy.

The mesmerized Dr. Dan

Can you imagine what is going on in his mind? What is he contemplating? This must be serious but we know that he can handle it.

Jonathan examinating a patient at the mobile clinic

Jonathan is examinating a patient. This was a very organized group. They kept the crowd back so that the doctors could work.

Janice engrossed in her work

Janice is taking a closer look.

The team goes to another neighborhood

The needs are great and many are still coming to us and wanting us to hold a clinic in their neighborhoods. Here is Jonathan, Dan, and Brenda at the mobile clinic.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Janice Springman is e-mailing a friend.

Janice is ending a long day of clinic work by writing a few e-mails to friends back home.

Jennifer writes to her family

Jennifer looks for a comfortable position to write an e-mail.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jennifer Moyer is working the phamacy

Jennifer Moyer is working the pharmacy at the mobile clinic. Dan is after some medicine.

Jonathan Springer and Dr. Dan McKinley in the outdoor clinic.

This little boy is being checked over by Dan and Jonathan.

The relaxed Dr. Dan McKinley

Guess who? Yes, it is Dr. Dan McKinley. He is relaxed in the outdoor setting.

Janice Springman checks a patient.

There were many that came to this outdoor clinic. Janice is working with this woman who came for a checkup.

Brenda Habecker examens a patient at the mobile clinic.

The team goes mobile once again. They had more that 90 patients in a 3 hours period.

William makes a list of the people in the yard

William is now part of the committee that organizes the people in the yard. He is in the makeshift office that is in the clinic.

Aliodore is taking the blood pressure of a patient

Aliordore helps everyday. He does many of the dressings and he takes blood pressure readings.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Janice Springman checking this mother and child.

Janice Springman had a busy day. There were more that 150 numbers given to patients today. Mothers used the number to be examined along with one or two children. The total patients that were examined today well exceeds that number.

Brenda Habecker examining a mother and 2 children.

Brenda Habecker is examining this mother and 2 children. Dr. Dan McKinley is in the background.

Dr. Dan McKinley examines patient.

Dr. Dan McKinley examines this mother and baby. The clinic was exceptionally busy today.

Jennifer Moyer checking mother and baby.

Jennifer had a busy day consulting patients. Here she is with a mother and baby.