Friday, November 15, 2013

Danicien Helping on the Plumbing Project

Danicien took a plumbing course last year and is putting the knowledge that he acquired to practice. 

Orphan Boys Helping Out

I had a few orphan boys that wanted to spend a few weeks of summer vacation with me.  They helped on several projects.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Windows and Iron Work at the Flowers House

Several young men and I helped Danny Flowers with installing his windows and iron work.

The Flowers will be living on the second floor.

Summer Bible Courses

Samuel and Minal attended summer Bible School courses.  The course lasted for 50 days.  The boys are receiving their diplomas.

An Afternoon Outing

A picture of some young men that are with me at the mission.  Two of the boys are orphan boys that are with me for several weeks.

This is a first time for these boys to see a playground.  This is playground equipment that was donated by 84 Lumber and constructed at the Haiti Baptist Mission.

Dog Sitting

We have a visitor for a few months.  Reggie came to us while a missionary couple is in the states.  Reggie is such a pleasant dog.  He needed a bath and the boys decided to take on the job of a shampoo. 

A Decision to Marry

I have know this man and woman for approximately 10 years.  They have been living together and have several children.  They wanted to live a Christian life and the only thing that was holding them back was getting married. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Helping the Flowers on their New Home

Danicien enlarging the window openings.

Minal and several of the boys made the ironwork for the windows.

Putting up the drywall.

The drywall ceiling is installed.

The interior walls are in place.

The Children Come to Visit

      Many of the children consider me as their grandfather.  The 2 small children are John's children.  John died several months after the earthquake in 2010.  His children enjoy spending the day with me.

Abby Flowers helps Alissa ride a bicycle

Alissa will be 4 on September 2nd

Alfonse is teaching Dolph to ride his bike.  They spend the entire day in the yard.

A large plate of rice is served to these hard playing youngsters.

An Invitation to a Convention

      I was recently invited to preach at a annual convention in a remote community.  A former Bible School student has invited me to participate at their convention for several years but there was always something that came up that I couldn't go.  This year I didn't allow anything to disrupt our plans.  It was several days filled with activities. 

     Three new converts were baptized during the convention.  The river was almost dried up but the people made a water hole to celebrate the baptism.

    There were 2 children dedicated to the Lord.  Pray for these families as they raise their children for Jesus. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Followers

Everywhere I go in Haiti I have little followers.  The children like to receive a little attention.  I enjoy having them around.  They stay with me until it is dark and then they have to go home.  Often they ask if they can stay. 

Building a House for a Needy Family

 Digging the footer.

Lay the rock foundation and preparing for the floor.
 Pouring the floor.
 Installing the door.

Inside the house.  A precious sister came with coffee to serve the men that were working on the house.

The men that were working on the house.

A Missions Trip to Acadien

 The missions team sings for the congregation.  This is the second time the team went out on a missions trip this summer.  There were 5 people that accepted Christ as their Savior. 
 We had to stop and get a tire fixed.  We didn't have another spare.  It is good that we got it fixed because we had another flat before we got back home.

Several of the boys waiting on the tire man to finish fixing the tire.  You can see the equipment they use to change a tire.   

Taking a break.

Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July Celebration

My guests for the 3rd of July.  We celebrate the 4th of July on the 3rd because the Dalla family would be travelling on the 4th. To the left we have Tiffani, Laura and Ybene Dalla, Liz Flowers, Abagail in front, Becca, Danny Flowers, Caleb, Ben in front, and myself to the extreme right.
 We visited the Martins on the 4th.  The Flowers family, the Martins, and myself.

We had 2 nice picnics for the 4th. 

Mission Trip to Bainet

The thatched roof church where we visited on a mission trip to Bainet.  It was begun several years ago by one of our GMC pastors. 
 We are having an evening service using a kerosene lamp for lighting.  The church was full with people standing outside.
 To the left in this picture is Obenson, a young man that love the Lord.  To the right is Serge who is an active layman and is responsible for the outstation church. Obenson got sick the day we left and was taken to the hospital. We are praying for God to touch him.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Gate is Finally in Place

I am so glad that the gate is up.  We need the rest of the wall finished but at least the yard is fenced in once again. There is tin there now but someone is always knocking it down and entering into the yard. 

Making Icecream

We are making icecream for 16 people tonight.  It is a refreshing snack in this hot climate.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dolph Graduates from Kindergarten

Dolph is holding his diploma.  He likes school and works very hard.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

TLC Team in Grande Riviere

A TLC team came to Grande Riviere, Haiti to help the Flower's family.  The Flowers are a new missionary family with Hope International Mission from Hobe Sound, Florida.  I was their interpreter and chauffeur for the week.  The team did a few work projects and evangelism. The picture was taken at the Citadel at Milo, Haiti.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dolph learns to ride a bicycle

Dolph was only 2 years old when his father died.  John, Dolph's father was my right hand man here at the mission.  Dolph has a little sister too.  He just graduated from kindergarten and he hopes to spend summer vacation riding his new bike.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Our 2013 Bible School Graduates

There were 7 senior students this year.  It was a beautiful day for the graduation and the mission church was packed with family and friends of the graduates.  Congratulations Graduates!

Preparing for the New Gate

Much work goes into preparing for the gate.  We are at he beginning stages of the project.  The forming and the pouring of the concrete was done this week.  Our next step is preparing the track and support for the sliding iron gate.