Monday, September 23, 2013

Windows and Iron Work at the Flowers House

Several young men and I helped Danny Flowers with installing his windows and iron work.

The Flowers will be living on the second floor.

Summer Bible Courses

Samuel and Minal attended summer Bible School courses.  The course lasted for 50 days.  The boys are receiving their diplomas.

An Afternoon Outing

A picture of some young men that are with me at the mission.  Two of the boys are orphan boys that are with me for several weeks.

This is a first time for these boys to see a playground.  This is playground equipment that was donated by 84 Lumber and constructed at the Haiti Baptist Mission.

Dog Sitting

We have a visitor for a few months.  Reggie came to us while a missionary couple is in the states.  Reggie is such a pleasant dog.  He needed a bath and the boys decided to take on the job of a shampoo. 

A Decision to Marry

I have know this man and woman for approximately 10 years.  They have been living together and have several children.  They wanted to live a Christian life and the only thing that was holding them back was getting married.