Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Neighbors Pet Turkey Setting the Mood for Thanksgiving


    This fellow is strutting around in the yard.  When I look at him I think of that delicious bird on the table on Thanksgiving Day.  He'd better watch out.

We Just Finished a Roof Carrier

    This is our latest project that we did.  A roof carrier for on top of a Toyota.

The Wall is Now Plastered

    There are a few places to touch up on the wall and then it can be painted.  This is a project that needed to be done a long time ago.  We are so happy to have the wall back up once again.

Escotte and Manouchka's Wedding

    The bride and groom

     The best man and the maid of honor

       Kneeling to pray

      The crowds awaited moment: "you may kiss the bride."

    The wedding party listening to a special number from a trio of 3 young men.

Classes Begin in the Seminary

       This is a group of our 3rd year students during Greek class.

     I have the students go to the chalkboard often and have them participate in the classroom.  Much homework is required for the class also.

      These are 1st year students during English class.  They have expressed that they really enjoy the class.

Making Cabinets for Escotte's House

   The wedding day was approaching and we needed to get the kitchen cabinets done. 

   Several days after the wedding we were able to install the kitchen cabinets, finish the roof on the back of the house, and install a front entrance door.

Progress on Minal's Foundation

     The rock foundation is up to floor level.  The inside of the foundation needs to be filled in with rocks and dirt.

     Josiah Ickes is helping unload a load of gravel to fill in the foundation.

Escotte Making School Uniforms

     Escotte making uniforms for the boys.  Every school has their own uniform. 

Repairs Begin to the Front Wall to the Street

   Upon returning to Haiti in September we immediately began to rebuild the front wall to the property that connects to the main avenue.  Josiah Ickes came to lend us a hand.