Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Making Benches for the Church

    Minal is welding the frames for the benches and I am placing the pieces and holding them for him.

       Some of the children wanted to help.  They helped carry the boards and hold them while I planed them.  We also had to sand and varnish them
     Ybene and Moliere helped me bolt and assemble the benches.
   There were 24 benches.  They filled up the yard.  Wilto came later and hauled them to the church in his big truck.

Unwanted Guests

   This little fellow was hanging from our rafters.

   This handsome big guy was inside a hole of a block that we lifted.

The Concrete Floor

       The floor with patches of color in it

   The human cement mixers

Plastering Continued

The men on the scaffolding.

The front entrance

The upper side