Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Making Rain Gutter

Rolling the edges of the tin.


    Shaping the tin.

              The gutter is formed.

Working on Refrigerators

      These young men are repairing some old refrigerators.  They have just completed a refrigeration course.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fond Lozier Church Now Under Roof

        This was the roof on our Fond Lozier church for several years.  We had many setbacks and were not able to get the church under roof.  The boys and I made metal rafters for the roof and we purchased the roofing material.

(This is the Before picture)

                  (This if the After picture)  

              The boys installing the rafters and putting      on the lath.

      The finishing touches to the roof:  the ridge cap.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Reggie takes a break while we work in the garage.  He looks as if he had a rough day.

The Truck Project

  2 of the boys spent a week working on a truck bed.  They removed the box and then built a stake body bed.

2 Boys Have the Same Birthday

A celebration for the 2 boys:  cake and 7-Up.  Alfonse is now 15.


                                                                    Isenick is now 25.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


We attended the annual conference for the New York Pilgrim Churches in Haiti.  They have 3 students that are attending our Bible School.  There were special services and the guest speaker was Rev. Frantz Lamour.

Repair Work, Roof, and Windows

This church was damaged by a bad storm. There was some earthquake damage too.  We tore down the damaged blocks and patched the small cracks.  The roof was replaced which required making metal tresses and putting on new tin.  The decorative block windows were replaced by decorative ironwork.
This is a New York Pilgrim Church.

Pastor Wilner and His Family

This is Paster Wilner, his wife and 2 daughters. He is doing a great job at Leogane.  The picture is taken in front of our Christian Day School.

A Faithful Sister in the Faith

Atilia is a faithful sister in the faith.
She walks to church and never misses a Sunday.  I often visit her at her home.  She enjoys sharing bananas, coconuts, and mangoes, which are harvested in her yard.

Ironwork on a Porch

      The boys were asked to close in a porch with decorative ironwork.  We have gotten a lot of work this summer.  The boys do quality work.


Finishing the Roof at Lagonave

 This is a project the boys were helping on.  The church is for Christ's Ministry on Lagonave.
The boys build the steel rafters and put on the roofing.