Thursday, November 15, 2018

Views in South Caicos

 A most beautiful sunset.

   Wild horses.  Note the roof on the mission van.  The salt has done much deterioration to the van.

  We returned to Providenciales by plane.

Accommodations at South Caicos

  We had this  comfortable home in which to stay.

  This is Missionary Marilyn Marchant.  She is preparing a seafood meal for us.  We had lobster, conk, flounder, rice, green beans, corn, lobster cooked island style, and mashed potatoes.

back- Jim Olsen, Ephraim Cruz, Don Mobley
front - Marilyn Marchant, May Been, Juby Been

Shawn Adams is taking the picture.

Odd Jobs at South Caicos Church

 There was wiring to be finished.

  There were doors to be hung.

  A door to the side entrance was replaced.  The wood was all eaten by termites.

Working on the Ceiling of the South Caicos Church

On Saturday several men came from North Caicos to lend a hand.  We worked at putting up the ceiling.

  This is the group of men that worked together on Saturday.  We are so grateful for their help.

Helping at the South Caicos Church

 The boat ride to the island.  We flew into Providenciales and went by boat to South Caicos.  The boat was quite loaded with supplies.

The dock at South Caicos.

  Our first project was finishing the roof on the addition to the church.  Shawn Adams and Ephraim Cruz are on the roof and Jim Olsen and I are cutting the roofing and working on the ground.

 The sun was very hot and reflected off of the roofing but we were able to complete the job.

  Our second project was to finish the roof on the entry way to the church.

   The roof is now completed.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A New Member to Our Haitian Family

   Baby Girl Jean

   Daughter of Minal and Ketsia Jean

Friday, October 12, 2018

Sandals - A New Hobby

  Several of the young men at the house are making sandals.  They do this in their spare time.


Samuel is working on putting protection on his windows and the porch to his house.  He would like to be married soon.

Off to School

Children Come to Visit

     The children like to come and spend the day.  They ride bicycles and play.  There are sitting on the floor in the living room and doing macramé.

New Windows and Screens for Orphanage




Shelving and Clothing Rods

Doors to the Dormitory at the Orphanage are Installed

   Putting the hinges on the doors.

Before doors
are installed


 After doors
          are installed

Solar Panels and Battery System Installed

   Batteries and controller are installed to receive the power from the solar panels.  An inverter is used to change DC power to AC power and the house can use 110 volts.

Goat Finds a Place to Rest

   The goat wanted some shade from the hot sun.  He is using the goal the boys set up to play soccer.

Benches for HIM Church

   Assembling the benches

  Bolting the wood to the frames

New Ceramic Tiles to Entrance of School Office

    Tile were installed to cover the old concrete floor in the entrance to the mission office, bible school office, and library.