Monday, January 14, 2019

Fresh Coat of Paint on a Country Home for the New Year

  Celebrating the New Year with a fresh coat of paint.

   Typical country scene.

Preparing Coffee Beans for Roasting

   Taking the outer coating off of the bean after drying it.  Using a large mortar and pistol.

   Separating the dry outer coating and the beans

The Young Men that Worked on the Roof

  The young men that were with me to put on the roof.  The pastor of the church is in the doorway.

   The boys walking home from church.

New Church Roof at Thiotte

  The old roof

    The original roof

    The new roof

   Inside the church.  The new roof.

    The boys building and welding the tresses

   Painting all the steel and wood for the roof.

Samuel's Roof

   All the boys chipped in and helped Samuel with his roof.  They made the rafters, put on the lath, painted everything and then put on the steel roofing.

Clothes for the Boys at Christmas

   Some new clothing for the boys.

Christmas Meals

Our Christmas dinner at the house.

   A crowd around the table.

   A breakfast prepared by Roseline.